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Real estate moves pretty fast.  If you’re not getting the RIGHT information quickly, you’ll get left behind.

HomeWATCH will update you by sending out only brand new property listings, along with any updates like price changes, that match your EXACT buying criteria, as soon as they’re updated on the broker MLS system.

Listings come and go at the drop of a hat – especially in Saskatchewan’s fastest growing market.  Buyers find it difficult to get to listings before they sell.  But there’s a better way.

As a licensed Realtor, I have the most exclusive, up-to-date, and complete data available, and I can give you the same great access through a HomeWATCH portal created just for you.

You’ll hear about the latest homes for sale in real-time.  You are guaranteed to see EVERY home for sale because it’s the same system I use as an agent.

If you’re early in the search process, that’s okay, too. It can be a great information-gathering tool.  I usually recommend getting started on these updates when you’re less than six months away from starting your search, but some clients have started up to a year ahead of time.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your home search, just leave me some details here.

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